Landlords - Registration Form

Fields with a red asterisk * are required.

Personal Details - Landlord and Main Contact

The names of landlords must mirror the names in the property deeds.

If a property is owned by a company or trust.

Landlord Registration
Please ensure that you register yourself as a landlord as it is an offence for legal owners not to be registered.
If you have not already registered, look on the website for more details or call 0131 469 5293.
Splendid Property Management's reference number is: 08533/230/20020 and you can register us as your agent in charge of the management of your property.
N.B: If the property is owned by 2 or more people, all Landlords will need to provide individual Landlord Registration Numbers

UK or Overseas.

Landlords who live overseas are obliged to pay tax on income earned from letting their properties in the UK unless they have applied and received an CNR certificate.
Your certificate reference number should be noted here so that tax is not deducted from your income.
Splendid Property HMRC Approval Number is 904/NA043450.

Are there any special arrangements we should make for contacting you?


Monthly statements

Property statements will be emailed to all legal owners.

Copy statements to

This is if you would like your statements copied to a 3rd party, for example, your accountant.

Preferred Contractors (if any)

Please state job of each (eg. Plumber) and contact details.

We will use preferred contractors where possible.

Bank Details

Rent will be paid into a single nominated account.

To where we will send rent.

Rental Property Information

Are you happy to let us erect a 'To Let' board?:

Appliances to be left in property:


HMO License

* Do you have an HMO license?

Inspections & Safety

Energy Performance Certificate

* Do you have an Energy Performance Certificate?

Required by law. Valid for 10 years.

Gas Certificate

* Do you have a Gas Certificate?

If your property has any gas appliances they are required to be checked annually by a qualified gas safety engineer.

Electrical Safety Checks

* Has the property had an EICR?

A EICR (Periodic Inspection Report) is required every 3 years.

* Has the property had a PAT?

A PAT (Portable Appliance Test) is required annually.

Fire Safety

* Smoke detectors in all rooms (except bedrooms)?

The Scottish Repairing Standard requires all rented property to be fitted with smoke detectors in all circulation areas/hallways and also a smoke detector in the living room and a heat detector in the kitchen.
All alarms should be interlinked.
From 1 March 2019 landlords will be permitted to install interlinked long life sealed lithium battery alarms instead of mains powered ones

* All furnishings compliant?

Ensure furniture and soft furnishings supplied by you comply with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988. Check the labels for this.

* Fire extinguisher / fire blanket?

A fire blanket and/or extinguisher should be provided in the kitchen


* Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Under requirements introduced by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014, landlords must have carbon monoxide (CO) detectors fitted in their properties. Landlords must have a long life battery OR mains powered detector in any space which contains a carbon based fuel appliance (excluding cooking appliances) e.g. a gas/oil boiler, gas/oil fire, wood burning stove or open coal fire.

* Legionnaires Disease Risk assessment?

Landlords have a legal duty to ensure that the risk of exposure of tenants to Legionnaires Disease is properly assessed and controlled.


Do you have a combi boiler?

Service Contracts / Warranties (if known)

Including British Gas Homecare. Please indicate if British Gas are instructed to do an annual safety check.

Insurance Policies / Mortgage

Buildings Insurance

Is the building insured?
Company informed of let?

Contents Insurance

Are the contents insured?
Company informed of let?

Rent Protection

Offered by your insurance company?
Company informed of let?


Company informed of let?

Current tenants and access

* Is the property currently rented?
Is the property alarmed?



Letting Agent Registration Number: LARN1904049