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Landlord News - Review of Tenant Deposits, Claims & Procedures
The Tenant Deposit Scheme has been running in Scotland for around two years. Landlords, or their agents, have to transfer any deposit monies taken from the tenant(s) to a registered TDS within 30 days of the commencement of a tenancy.
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Updates to fire detection systems in rented property
The Private Rented Housing Panel (PRHP) has recently revised their guidance on the provision for detecting fires / giving warning in the event of fire.
Regard has to be given to this guidance in relation to determining whether a house meets the Repairing Standard mentioned in Section 13(1)(f) of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006.
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Reasons why landlords should use a letting agent
Many private landlords let their property very successfully without any help at all from a professional letting agent. Landlords who have the time to manage their properties themselves often save money on fees and commission and control of all aspects of the let. It is, however, extremely easy for errors to be made. Ensuring you are up to date with all legislation, creating the correct paperwork (and serving it in the correct order), dealing with deposits, taking effective references and so on, is not always as easy as you think and all of which can leave the landlord open to problems and potentially expensive mistakes.
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Understanding Responsibilities in Joint Tenancies
There is often confusion amongst tenants about who is responsible for what when they share a property with their friends. Other than in specific cases, such as university halls of residents or a property which is being rented out on a specific room by room basis, the vast majority of group tenancies in Scotland sign up to a Short Assured Tenancy Agreement.
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How To Avoid Legal Pitfalls When Renting Your Property In Scotland
There have been many changes in Scottish legislation related to the private rented sector the past year, much of it not particularly well publicised. It seems the appetite for legislation in the private rented sector by the Scottish Executive has not been satiated and there will undoubtedly be more to follow in the future.
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Dealing With Neighbour Complaints and Antisocial Behaviour
While the vast majority of tenants are extremely well behaved, occasionally, you may be on the receiving end of complaints from neighbours about your tenant(s). How should you respond? Do landlords (or their agents) have an obligation to act? What should you do if things go wrong?
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